When I get bored of indoor winter exercise

Photo by storebukkebruse from Flickr BY-CC-2.0

I get bored of cycling at times, or I can not ride outside because it is super cold. So what do I do? Go to the gym? I try. I get bored staring at a wall while running on a treadmill or elliptical. I try other things.

One of my favorites is chopping wood. It is a great workout swinging an axe. I know that an “axe” is the wrong tool. You are suppose to use a good splitting maul. I just swing the dumb thing. It gets my heart rate up, and I generate a good sweat.

It is more interval related. The motion of swinging the axe / maul involves the entire body. They I have to pick up the wood and stack it.

I came across an article in Time, which indicated scientists found that “chopping wood significantly increases testosterone levels, even more so than competitive activities” like soccer. (Here’s the study.)

Although I don’t eat enough to get grow like a bodybuilder, any increase in testosterone can help me.

It beats going to the gym, which is so boring to me. What happens when the wood is chopped and stacked? Good question. What is even a better question is that what do I do with the wood after it is split. Sound obvious to burn it in the fireplace. But I no longer use the fireplace. It is just a decoration because it is always so messy.

I read that a sledgehammer and tractor tire can offer a similar workout. I have not tried that yet, but I will.

Another great one is using the medicine ball.

Cool tip

I recently came across this cool video that shows an “easier” way to chop wood. (It would be easier if he used a maul, rather than that axe.) His concept is neat though. Check this out:

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