Cowboy boots and belts

I have been reading about cowboy boots and belts in the last day or two. It has been interesting to say the least. I am familiar with belts because I wear one to keep my drawers up daily. That’s a big duh no kidding. The cowboy boot thing I’m not to familiar with, so I did some checking about why wear even consider them because they look very uncomfortable. For a dude, I think the reasons are psychological. They increase the height of a short dude, helps that short dude feel tall. They take big gonads to wear, because they are so different in most locations. There are exceptions, especially if you live in a location like Texas of the Southwest. Another reason is that they are anything but plain. Most synthetic and dress shoes are nothing spectacular. They all look alike and have no character aside from a few outliers.

I don’t think I could ever wear them because I’m not short, live in the north and am not the stylish. I did consider them at one time though after a buddy of mine wore them out to the club one night. I had no idea who made cowboy boots. There are websites with a fairly large list of cowboy boots brands. I can’t say I know the names but I do think I should do more research if I want to buy these things.

I will say that a lot of girls will wear dresses with cowgirl boots and it looks good.

That said, I came across a good guide on buying a belt on I also saw the site with the boot brands also listed a guide to choosing a belt. It listed a huge list of belt name brands and listed how to pick a belt but mentioned little to nothing about picking a belt width for a belt buckle. If I’m going to wear boots, I need a buckle that looks the part! I figure go big or go home.

Well, that may not be true. I do think there are spurs for the boots, chaps, cowboy hats, and a Western shirt. I may only go home. I don’t think I’ll be going big anytime soon.

I did learn that smaller width belts are more dressy, which I thought was the opposite. I always thought wide belts were more dressy because it shows more material, which seems to me to be more conservative and stable. Turns out I was wrong. Oh, well.

I do think that a nice, wide belt is better than a thin one for practical purposes. I like to keep my pants up thank you very much. I also only like leather belts. I have had fabric based ones in the past and a couple of them were not very good. The leather ones keep my pants up very well. My experience tells me it’s the best choice for me.

Now that I have all this information what will I do with it? Probably nothing. I thought it would be a good idea to write about it since I have not written anything on this site in a long time.

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