Biking and running with the dog in the yard or park

grass for dogs
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I have been working on my fitness and health lately. Started running and riding my bicycle and eating healthy. I think it is working. I have lost a few lbs. The other big change is I brought a dog into my life. The dog has been a huge adjustment. And I mean huge. Huge like our current president talks about huge things. I digress.

The effort required for dealing with puppy energy has been exhausting. It is a workout in itself. My dog is a German Shepherd, which are athletic. He is the equivalent of a jock in the dog world. The problem is that he can’t jump. Well, he can jump, but I discourage it because (from what I read) it can be bad on their hips if they are jumping a lot. I had good luck reading information and reviews on and on

There’s a ton of information about what works when training dogs. For example: I did not know that a German Shepherd puppy should not do a lot of pavement pounding — walking for extended periods of time on concrete sidewalks or blacktop according to many people on

Needless to say, I waited until my dog was 16 months old before started running with him. It is a work in progress, because the minute I start running, he thinks it is time to get excited and goes rogue.

The best way I have found is I let him off leash (he is fantastic with recall) and I run while he sniffs and runs to keep up with me. So far, this has been the best way to do it.

Rather than run on pavement, I have been doing it on trails. This is better for my feet and knees as well as the dog. He can be in the woods sniffing and get some fresh air. To me this is a much better alternative than concrete. My lawn also has some of the best grass for dogs planted, so the yard is another place I let my dog run.

Biking is next

I saw an awesome video by Robert Cabral about teaching a dog to bike.

This is my next goal. I want to teach the dog to run beside me while we do a short bike ride. The only issue I have is buying a tether to the bike. I am reluctant to spend the money. I would like to figure a way to make one on the cheap.

I have not done much research on a DIY method yet but it is in the works.

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